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Mary Pritchard
puts her mother's life under the microscope.

Mary Pritchard's exhibition is based on archival material about her mother, Olive Elizabeth Aykroyd and is a homage to what she gave and taught her. Mary puts her mother's early life 'Under the Microscope'.

Olive was born in Dublin, Ireland over a 100 years ago and was exceptional in many ways. She went to Trinity College Dublin in the 1930's and obtained a PhD in Zoology at a time when it was unusual for women to pursue a scientific career. Her research contributed to the expansion of the subject at that time. However, after she married and had a family she did not return to her research. 

Mary grew up knowing little about her mother's life prior to her birth (as is often the case with children). Olive passed away over twenty years ago so Mary no longer has the opportunity to ask questions. She inherited her mother's old brass microscope and laboratory slides and has always found them intriguing.  Mary has been researching Olive's early life and has gathered together all her original published scientific papers, photo albums, letters and drawings. It has been a revelation, a journey of discovery and at times an emotional experience to put her mother's life under the microscope. 

All the work in the exhibition will be derived from or inspired by the archival material and will include photographs, ceramics, artist's books and greeting cards.





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