It's all about me!


The gallery is six years old and artisan’s curator Naomi Harrison has decided to host her own exhibition, showing everything she has ever made! She says “People have always asked me what I do, apart from curate. Well I am going to exhibit it all, the good, the bad and the ridiculous”. Naomi is convinced her work will provide people with much amusement, especially the teapots! 





The centre piece of the exhibition will be an installation entitled ‘Just Testing’. Naomi says that she spent most of her time as a ceramicist just testing ideas. There will be a finnisage party on the 4th April where for a small donation to the hospice Grove House  people will be invited to ‘take or break’ a piece of work from the ‘Just Testing’ installation.


The ‘Flowering Wall’ is what it says on the tin. The wall will be created by using all the wall vases Naomi has made and planted out with flowering plants. She will also show her portfolio of photographs of the local parks and flowers.










Please see attached jpeg images. Subject to availability, all items will be available after the exhibition via artisan. Please contact Naomi Harrison at artisan tel: 020 8451 6315, mob: 0778 900 2052 or email:

artisan, 80 Harlesden Road, London NW10 2BE