As if by magic!


artisan celebrates summer with 'Alchemy'. The magic of the creative process is always a fascinating one. To turn base elements into something beautiful and precious requires skill, knowledge and a tough of magic. To create jewellery which is fine and delicate the process is often brutal, complex chemicals are used to bring an image from film to paper in a darkroom, clay is taken from the ground, molded and put through extreme heat to transform it into something wonderful and what may seem a simple act to put paint on canvas results in a transformation of ideas into reality. Even the capturing of a moment in time with a camera can be magic.

Since its launch in 2009, artisan continues to attract attention in North West London.  The role of the gallery is to create a space which offers an opportunity for artists of many disciplines to showcase their work.

Malcolm Bird

Malcolm Bird's photographs were taken when exploring Indian city streets with a camera and tripod over his shoulder. The sight of an elderly white-haired Englishman photographing all and sundry caused much amusement, which often shows in the sitters' faces. The people who worked in the streets (and sometimes lived in them) were almost always willing to be photographed. A few of them - like the young woman holding the baby - would come uninvited and stand in front of the camera until their picture was taken. With these photographs Malcolm has captured an essence of India.

Simon Davey

Using an old press camera and flashbulbs from the 1930's Simon specialises in night photography, mainly working in the East and West Ends of London.   "To be able to photograph people close up in the street doing something odd or quirky without them noticing you is difficult. . . to do it at night with a large format film camera and flashbulbs is totally nuts! That's why I do it . . . because it's such a challenge. To be at the right place at the right time. . . and manage to get a good picture. . . feels so good. You have to keep your eyes wide open. . . you have to stay on your toes ready to press the button. Anything could happen. . . just around the corner".   All of the prints exhibited here are developed by Simon and individually printed by hand in the darkroom. The majority of prints are printed onto vintage photographic paper that was available in the 1940's.

Theresa Edwards

After a career in animation Theresa turned her attention to ceramics using classic animation techniques such as stencilling and layering to produce a stunningly original range of colourful and intensely decorated ceramic tableware and decorative pieces. Theresa's individual style has meant her fan base is growing with each collection.

Barbara Gigante

Barbara studied Painting at the Fine Arts Academy of Rome where she also discovered her passion for Printmaking.  After completing her studies she joined as a member at the International Etching Association of Rome and collaborated in organizing various printmaking exhibitions and workshops for children. Over the years she has maintained her passion for painting and her work has developed more and more into abstract.  Her art follows her insights and emotions, seeking a visual equivalent rather than a representation.

Simone Selaib-Salandini

Her jewellery is intuitive and spontaneous which displays an artistic background influenced by sculpture and architecture. By reducing the forms to the barest minimum Simone creates beautiful jewellery which reflects both her Brazilian heritage and the sophistication needed to make her collections appeal to a cosmopolitan clientele.


'Alchemy'  2 to 26 July 2014

Wednesday to Saturday - 11am to 5pm 

Please see attached jpeg images.  Subject to availability, all items will be available after the exhibition via artisan.  Please contact Naomi Harrison at artisan tel: 020 8451 6315020 8451 6315, mob: 0778 900 20520778 900 2052 or email: