Artisan continues to bring art and style to NW10


artisan has Christmas all wrapped up!'

 "The Christmas Pop-up"

4- to 22 December 2012

This December artisan will become a 'Pop-up' Christmas shop to help ease the panic of that last minute shopping. 4th to 22rd December. 

It's an opportunity not to be missed for those seeking something truly different. artisan gives you the chance to find gifts that are as individual as the people who will receive them.

artisan is delighted to put together a group including many local artists for the Christmas 'Pop-up' They offer an exciting range of ceramics, jewellery, glass, textiles, art and photography which continues to demonstrate that NW10 is one of London's most creative corners. 

Mark Adams - For this Christmas event Mark has a number of photographs - both framed and as mounted prints from his ongoing series The Colour Of Memory.

Brigitte Arnold - Inspired by the simple qualities of semi-precious stones, Brigitte's necklaces are both elegant and visually striking. Each piece is handcrafted and the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Kate Baxter - Kate works to commission and on her own hand built collection. To add to her now famous 'Beaky Jugs', she has created, Perky Plates and Birdie bowls. Each piece is treated as an individual 'canvas'. Kate's last flock of 'Beaky Jugs' did literally fly out the door!

Richard Baxter - Richard Baxter lists Stella McCartney and Heston Blumenthal as clients. His pieces have featured in books, magazines (BBC Good Homes, Grand Designs, Country Homes and Interiors), and on television. Richard's work ranges from small delicate dishes to wonderful statement pieces.

Becca Elliott - Becca is an architect and illustrator with an impressive list of clients including The Jubilee Walkway Trust, AEG and Ocado, who delights in the wildlife in London, reflected in her recent commission for 'Up at the O2' where sparrowhawks can be seen perched in the dome's masts.

Geraldine Hallet - Geraldine finds the stimulus for her creativity in surprising places. Some of her ceramic pieces have been inspired by funeral monuments found in old Victorian cemeteries. Majestic structures which have decayed over time,. where vines and weeds add their own decoration to these forms now supported by temporary frameworks of wooden planks, concrete and rope.

Ruth Kitching - Ruth is drawn to print making for its unpredictability and the ability to repeat the image as well as produce variations using stencils, coloured inks, chine collé etc. Ruth says "Etching needs serious equipment, but linocut and woodcut can be done at home - a great alternative to housework.

Glenda Luke - Glenda has taken time out from her busy life as an art teacher to photograph NW10. At a time when local architecture and historical buildings are under threat it is important we look around us and see the wonderful buildings we walk past every day and realise the history on our doorstep.

Mary Pritchard - For the Christmas 'Pop-up' Mary will show her delicate porcelain tea lights and small vessels, impregnated with lace to provide texture. Also there will be her wonderful handmade buttons and notebooks.   On the browser, will be a collection of mounted prints from her extensive portfolio of photographs.

Simone Selaib-Salandini - Her jewellery is intuitive and spontaneous which displays an artistic background influenced by sculpture and architecture. By reducing the forms to the barest minimum Simone creates beautiful jewellery. 

Claudine Smith - Cut outs, figurative and abstract forms make up Claudine's collages. They have been developed from two major themes; Nature and the abstract work of C20th artists. Her recent colourful designs speak of memories of summer in her native France. Inner world images jostle with outer reality to convey life's idiosyncrasies.

Richard Tilbury.-.Especially for artisan Richard has created one-off glass Christmas decorations. Alongside his wonderful 'icicles' will be birds, angels and for the first time snowflakes.

Sabi Westoby - Textile artist Sabi will pre-empt her Solo exhibition in February to take part in artisan's Christmas show. She will debut her wonderful inside-out textile bowls, reusable notebook covers in beautiful textiles and handmade cards, each with a small piece of original art on, making them truly unique.

From the 4th to 22nd December artisan presents 'The Christmas Pop-up' for the discerning shopper.




 Take Six

31st October to 25th November 2012

'Take Six' take over artisan

artisan is delighted to open its door to this exciting group of artists from the successful and popular East Finchley Open, a vibrant and active artist's collective founded in 2004.

Mike Coles, Ann Froomberg, Monica Peiser, Sheila Seepersaud-Jones, Philip Vallentin and Christine Watson are members of the East Finchley Open and this November they join to together for a group show at artisan.  Collectively their work offers wide appeal and with Christmas on the doorstep this is an opportunity to seek out that special something for both yourself and that elusive gift.

Mike Coles - Mike is a North London based cameraman who shoots Film & TV drama and documentaries worldwide.  Still photography is something Mike does both professionally and for pleasure.  His particular interest lies in the evidence of Man's impact on the landscape; layers of time revealed as many broken parts of many jigsaws - The urban landscape as a photographic crime scene of human activity, past and present, and those who made their mark.  These images are both thought provoking and beautiful.

Ann Froomberg - Ann is an established textile designer with her own studio and has been designing commercially on a freelance basis since 1978, creating original hand-painted and digital artwork for various products: printed fashion fabrics, printed/woven furnishing fabrics, giftwrap and packaging. Joining the EFO in 2005 encouraged her to rediscover her roots.  Ann's hand painted silks explore the world of colour with vibrant dyes on this most sumptuous of fabrics.

Monica Peiser Monica's jewellery is designed using beautifully coloured semi precious stones and beads often combined with heavily textured and matted silver surfaces to give contrast with the smooth sheen of the minerals.  The result in a beautiful collection of unique handcrafted jewellery designed to make the wearer feel beautiful.


Sheila Seepersaud-Jones - Sheila's work combines her talent as a fine-art sculptor with that of a gifted ceramicist.  Benefiting from a sculptor's technology, many of her larger stoneware pieces are constructed from a series of units. The stoneware forms lock together, stacked, one upon the other to create monumental works.  For this show Sheila will display pieces more conventional in appearance, large bowls and dishes which are both functional and decorative with their abstract designs.  In these works, translucent washes of vibrant colour are applied in layers to the concave surfaces in order to create lush, shimmering landscape-like compositions which have movement and depth.


Philip Vallentin - What could be more fun than doodling?  Cartoons were so important to Philip that he studied animation at Sheridan College near Toronto and has spent his entire working life as a traditional character animator.  Discovering hot glass meant he could combine both disciplines.  Glass blowing and lamp working provide a wonderful arena to be tested creatively. Philip's sculptures are whimsical and charming reflecting his doodles which give each piece characterful expression.

Christine Watson - Christine Watson's paintings and pastels seek out the essential qualities of the island towns of the Mediterranean and most currently the mountains villages and towns of North Africa, revealing the richness of spaces and surfaces without sentiment or nostalgia. Steps and stairways, walls and roofs, windows and doors, streets and alleyways - the fabric of habitation - are revealed as they are, aged by wear and weather. Watson's current work explores the abstract qualities of these spaces, their light and shade, their texture and colour.








Small Objects of Desire


9th to 27th October 2012

Beachcombing in NW10!

Are you finding yourself stranded looking for the right gift or treat?  This October artisan offers a treasure trove of small objects of desire.  Beachcombing in London is a novel concept but this group of local artists from North West London will take you on a voyage of discovery where you will uncover small irresistible objects, each handcrafted and unique. 


artisan will become a beach where you can literally sift through the coral sand to find beautiful glass and ceramic pieces by Richard Tilbury and Mary Pritchard which will mix and match together to become the perfect find for that elusive present.



Just to make it more tantalising there is jewellery by Annie Eastham and Josephine Florent whose collections are a 'must have' in any treasure chest.  Printmaker Helen Brown and Wendy Roberts, well known for her monotype printing, will join painters Gabriel Parfitt and Becca Elliott on the gallery walls to complete the show.

Helen Brown - is a visual artist whose work has been inspired by landscape and poetry and more recently by Spanish poetry and in particular the landscape of Andalucía.  Helen's art practice consists of etching, drawing and photography, often using experimentation and colour to express the visual sense of a place. 


Annie Eastham
Showing for the first time at artisan, Annie will show a new collection of intricate small-scale pieces of jewellery inspired by the natural world.   Each piece is bespoke and beautifully handcrafted.  These are truly small objects of desire.  Annie sells mainly in the US and artisan is thrilled to showcase her work this month.  



Becca Elliot - Becca is an architect and illustrator who delights in the surprising diversity of wildlife in London, reflected in her recent commission for 'Up at The O2' where sparrowhawks can be seen perched in the dome's masts. With an impressive list of clients including The Jubilee Walkway Trust, AEG and Ocado, she is currently working on a series of lino cuts based on Edward Lear's limericks and Dinosaur ceramics.

Josephine Florent - Working with Dichoric glass and sterling silver Josephine has created a wonderful collection of jewellery that is a 'must have'.  The colours in each piece.change with the light and enhance any garment they are worn with.  Josephine's talent for catching the trend comes from her experience as one of London's top fashion models. 



Gabriel Parfitt - Gabriel's latest series 'Anonymous Composition' places headless - therefore anonymous figures - into textural and abstract landscapes.  The pieces featured in 'Small Objects of Desire' are snippets of Gabriel's larger work, creating small works of 'Flotsam and Jetsam' that have begun life as something grander but have now been whittled down by the tide of studio practice.


Mary Pritchard -  For the 'Small objects of Desire' she has created ceramic 'flowers' which are simply wonderful - some in small old wooden boxes bought in a French flea market, others as ceramic 'bunches'. Mary will also show her delicate porcelain tea lights and small vessels, impregnated with lace to provide texture.  These are just some of the treasures to be found on the shores of artisan.


Wendy Roberts -  Wendy experiments with mixed media to design and create images which drawn from her deep appreciation of the natural world.  She enjoys the natural flow of torn paper and fabric and the infinite variety of 'found' colours and the variety of mark making.  These elements make her work captivating.


Richard Tilbury - creates glasswork which is truly unique in design.  For this exhibition he debuts his ceramic work alongside a new glass collection designed especially for this show.  The beautiful porcelain pieces are subtly coloured to reflect the shells found on exotic beaches.  The small glass bowls are like rock pools each very different and fascinating.


Subject to availability, all items will be available after the exhibition via artisan.  Please contact Naomi Harrison at artisan tel: 020 8451 6315020 8451 6315, mob: 0778 900 20520778 900 2052 or






Abstract meets Abstract

7th to 29th September 2012

artisan opens its Autumn season with a joint exhibition by Christa and Wolfgang Haack.  Since its launch two years ago, artisan continues to attract attention in North West London.  The role of the gallery is to create a space which offers an opportunity for artists of many disciplines to showcase their work.  artisan's success has been its ability to keep changing and offering something different each month.  This September artisan welcomes two abstract artists: Christa Haack with her vibrant paintings compliments the abstract photographic paintings of her husband Wolfgang Haack.  Joining them is Gaby Gassner with her beautiful range of contemporary beaded jewellery. 

Christa Haack was born in Germany but has lived in London for the past 12 years. She studied art for three years at the Hampstead School of Art London and has worked with well-known German, Austrian and Swiss Painters for many years.  Christa uses acrylic paint to give her paintings a wonderful hue and  invokes intense feelings in the viewer.  Many of her paintings are in private collections.




Wolfgang Haack uses the camera like a paintbrush.  Wolfgang is an experienced photographer who likes to experiment and to model some of his photos on modern images thereby making an intellectual connection with painting.  His method of photography represents visual energy, emotions and spontaneity combining a dynamic force with peace. Experimenting is important for him because it expands horizons, stimulates the psyche and increases understanding.





Gaby Gassner - The theme for this collection is black & white with added notes of antique gold and bronze for a refined metallic touch using Swarovski pearls, tropical wood and Czech Glass beads.  Having trained as a photographic printer under the tuition of Roy Snell Gaby then went onto collaborate with David Bailey on printing his retrospective 60's exhibition and book "Birth of the Cool."  Now her love is jewellery.  The modern and bold designs she gives each handcrafted piece reflects her knowledge of the fashion industry and makes her jewellery a 'must have'.




Encounters and Experiences

14th July - 29th August 2012

artisan goes back to school this summer with 'Encounters and Experiences'.

This summer's exhibition displays the work of Advanced Level Art and Photography students at Queens Park Community School.  The show will include photography, fine art, printing and 3D.  This will be their first major show displaying solely Advanced level work.




 During the year the students have undertaken gallery visits and lectures; have been introduced to the Arttract programme with the Royal Academy and had their work entered for competitions.  QPCS has recently been awarded Artsmark Gold in recognition of its outstanding Arts curriculum.  Head of Art, Nicola Cummings said 'Links with Artisan, which have been in place for the last three years contributed to this recognition'.




Over the years that artisan has been hosting the summer show, the quality of art just keeps getting better.  artisan's curator, Naomi Harrison says 'There is true talent in this group and all of them can be very confident in their ability as artists and designers'.




artisan welcomes the summer with 'Class Art'. Donnington Primary School holds their first end of year Art exhibition. For one week only the pupils will present a mixed media show created alongside their classwork.

This is a wonderful opportunity to view a selection of the children's work and see how it changes when framed and seen in the context of a gallery space. There is something magical about the view of children and this exhibition will give the visitor a chance to see the world through their eyes.

Artisan is delighted to be able to bring this work to a wider audience and give the children the experience of seeing the work in a professional environment.

The artwork will be for sale and all proceeds raised will be given to Friends of Donnington School for the benefit of the school.






'Collage Days'

by Julia Mair Williams
1st to 23rd June 2012

Since its launch in 2009, artisan continues to attract attention in North West London. The role of the gallery is to create a space which offers an opportunity for artists of many disciplines to showcase their work. artisan's success has been its ability to keep changing and offering something different each month. This month Julia Williams will cover the walls with her beautiful and thought provoking collages.

The works are created from different media: acrylic, oil, pastel, oil pastel, paper and fabric collage. Julia's impulse comes from enjoying diversity and how differences can come and sit happily together, and even sing, so to speak, whether it is through colour, pattern, texture or shape. Each one creates strong feelings which have a contemplative depth of perspective lasting over time.

Julia uses the word artisanctus to convey the elements of art, craft and an essence of life itself which she transposes into her collages. The work reflects this age of deep transformational change where hidden secrets everywhere are now becoming visible.  Things aren't always what they seem or what you expect. Julia leaves the interpretation of the image to the viewer. We all look through different eyes and are molded by different experiences.

Julia works to commission and her collages can be found in private collections in London and abroad.




 Marlene Cohen and Dina Katz

1st May 2012 - May to 26th

This May artisan will clothe its walls with beautiful quilting by Marlene Cohen and give its floor-space over to the eccentricity of Dina Katz and her wonderful ceramics. Cloth and clay come together to create a wonderful experience of colour and texture which is both pleasing and exciting to the eye.

Marlene Cohen
 -  is a British quilt artist.  Her textiles show that she has a "genetic" relationship with this art form which she discovered while living in Boston. It stimulated and satisfied her creative interests despite her inability to sew!  Now in London she is very influenced by the city, its architecture, the shapes, its shadows and contrasts all amazing and unexpected.

Recently her work has been focusing on responses to change. Change is something we are all familiar with and seeing how Marlene interprets those responses with cloth is like giving texture to those feelings which are so intangible.

Marlene has a MA in The History of Textiles and Dress. Her work is shown in international exhibitions and can be found in private collections throughout the world. As well as her work being featured in magazines, Marlene also writes for 'Quilting' and other textile journals.

Dina Katz - When asked how long it takes for her to make a piece, she answers "40 years and then some".  Dina studied ceramics in her native Johannesburg and her preferred method for making all her pots is by using traditional hand-working methods.

This gives her control and the opportunity to create wonderful textures and forms, each piece is a challenge. By working with ever greater delicacy Dina has to trust that her pots retain their shape in what she calls 'the burning fiery furnace'.

Stoneware and porcelain are the clays best suited for the domestic-ware that Dina loves to fashion and no two pieces are the same. Dina's work is as individual as she is.

'Textures'   1 May - 26 May 2012 at artisan




'Right on Kew'

Photography by Tony Wallis

31 March to 22 April 2012

From the rock 'n roll' clubs of the 60's to the lyrical surrounds of Kew Gardens. artisan welcomes Spring with 'Right on Kew',an exhibition of photographs of Kew Gardens selected from the archive of Tony Wallis.

Tony has been photographing, exhibiting and publishing prints of the Gardens for over ten years. This will be the first time the photographs have been shown as one collection.

Tony's images have been selected for the New Views Exhibition, at Kew Gardens, the first in the International Garden Photographer of the Year exhibitions. In 2009 he won the coveted Plant Photographer of the Year title in the RHS International Photography Competition.

'The Gardens at Kew are for me a place of delight. I've known them for many, many years, since my first visit when I was a lad, at a time when entrance cost an old penny (through a turnstile which is still there, at the Main Gate) and you could mount the rickety Pagoda stairs for a magic view of the entire gardens. In choosing the photographs for the exhibition is to show Kew's ever changing plots, vistas and greenhouse displays, designed and lovingly cared for by world renowned gardeners, and the architecture of its greenhouses. It is a very personal view, and I hope pleasing.' 

Tony has exhibited widely in group and solo shows, the most recent being the exhibition 'Journey' with Margaret Cooter, in June 2010, and 'Marrakesh and Mountains', a group show in 2011, both at the Artisan Gallery. His primary subject is the rural landscape, trying to capture the interaction of people and the environment.

More information and pictures from the exhibition can be seen on    email:

The 'born-again' photos by Adam Ritchie

th March - 24th March 2012

artisan welcomes Adam Ritchie to its walls with a retrospective exhibition of photographs of Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd taken in New York and London during the 1960's.

The images are as raw as the music was and evoke the sense of excitement which surrounded theselegendary earliest appearances of bands, who would go on to define an era. Someof the imageshave been shown at the Tate, the V&A, the Whitney andincludedin the Andy Warhol and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Collections.

Adam was working in New York in the mid 1960 as a free-lance photographer. A friend, Barbara Rubin, an underground film-maker, phoned one day in 1965,asking if he wanted to photograph an underground film being made on the Lower East Side with a new band in it. The band was called The Velvet Underground. He photographed the making of the film, "Venus in Furs" by Piero Heliczer, and was so excited by the music that he photographed the band at the Cafe Bizarre, at the Filmmakers' Cinque and later when they played for the American Society of Clinical Psychiatrists at Delmonico's Hotel. They had invited Andy Warhol and Velvet Underground to their annual dinner in order to learn something of this new culture emerging around them and got a serious taste of culture shock.

Back in London in 1966, Adam's old friend John "Hoppy" Hopkins had started the UFO Club and new bands got an opportunity to play. It was here Adam met Pink Floyd. He photographed them several times at the UFO and at the Round House and got them on the cover of "Town" magazine.

Many years later all but a few oftheimages remain. Some of these will be shown at artisan for the very first time.

Original rare images of Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd from 1965/66. Signed and numbered prints on archive paper
will beavailable.

artisan opens 2012 with
'Flair and Vision' a top 5 'must see'

3 February - 3
 March 2012

artisan's first show of the year has captured the attention of the press. 'Flair and Vision' is among the Evening Standard'stop 5 things to see for February. Featured in the article were Kate Baxter's wonderful 'Beaky Jugs'. Simon Davey with his retro take on photography and 'Speed Graphic' camera brought him to the attention of Black & White Photography Magazine which resulted in a double page spread. Kate and Simon will be showing alongside Sculptor Pasquale Cesare, Glass artist Jeff Wood, Ceramicist Richard Baxter and Stephanie Cahorel with her porcelain jewellery for Valentines.



Ceramics by Kate Baxter- Kate recently begun designing and hand building her own range of ceramics, notably the rather perky 'Beaky Jugs'. Each piece is treated as an individual 'canvas' featuring birds which she creates using a variety of decorative techniques, including brushwork, stenciling, printing and scraffito. The jugs are decorated with coloured slips and glazed with a lead-free transparent glaze. Kate exhibited her first flock of 'Beaky Jugs' at artisan in 2010 and only two returned to the nest!  Kate has added to her collection for this show with wonderful Birdie bowls and Perky plates. these both make a delightful addition to the flock. Due to demand Kate is currently working to commission. for further information.



The Speed Graphic- Simon Davey is a photographer whose passion is shooting black and white film with vintage cameras. After discovering he had an interest in American press photographs taken at night during the 1930's - 1950's, Simon based his latest project on this unique style of photography. Being intrigued by the behaviour of the club goers, drunkards, loners and lovers who come out after dark, he photographs only at night or in the early hours of the morning. Ever mindful of the 'decisive moment' he waits until something magical happens in the wire viewfinder of the camera.

Simon has found that using flashbulbs from this era is the only way he can create the stylised lighting required for his photographs.  The bulbs provide an extremely powerful source of light, capturing everything in brilliant detail. Before taking each photograph a new flashbulb and wooden dark slide containing a 5 x 4 inch negative needs to be inserted into the camera. Every shot must count.

Until they were bathed in the intense light of the flashbulb, the majority of people in these photographs did not know they were being photographed. In this way the expressions, actions and movements of the subjects were not compromised in any way, adding a sense of realism to the images.

The final images are printed by hand in the darkroom. Most of them are printed on to vintage photographic paper, which adds to the depth, beauty and quality of the final photograph.

Sculpture by Pasquale Cesare- studied fine art in Rome with the painter Cesare Tacchi and the art historian Lorenza Trucchi and has exhibited in Rome and London. His approach to stone carving occurred in southern Italy where he found the rough surface of an extinct black tufa suitable to carve primitive figures. Pasquale enjoys the use of natural local material and his carving method is direct. The use of hand tools aids the understanding of the archaic process of carving and the beautiful forms that can be achieved.

Ceramics by Richard Baxter-Richard Baxter lists Stella McCartney and Heston Blumenthal as clients as well as having many of his pieces featured in books, magazines (BBC Good Homes, Grand Designs, Country Homes and Interiors), and on television. He made jugs for Heston's 'Roman Feast' on Channel 4 and one of his pots made an appearance on 'Eastenders'. Richard also made recreations of Leonardo da Vinci percussion instruments for theVictoria & AlbertMuseum 'Leonardo' exhibition.

He is an established potter well known for his beautiful porcelain work embodying strength, translucency and purity of colour. He prices his work to be accessible to all, from small delicate dishes to wonderful statement pieces for that special room or for further information.

Follow the link to Richard's collection on sale now atartisan

Romance by Stephanie Cahorel- Stephanie is a French artist living in New Zealand. Artisan is thrilled to have her take part in this spring show. Entirely exclusive to Artisan Stephanie will exhibit a wonderful collection of ceramic jewelry and collectables especially for Valentine's Day. Her delicate heart-shaped porcelain brooches and pendants make irresistible gifts. The individuality of all Stephanie's hand-made and hand-painted designs is beautiful and completely unique.


Glass by Jeff Wood- Jeff Wood's inspiration for his work comes mainly from the material itself.  Glass has such wonderful qualities, both transmitting and reflecting light. He has designed wall pieces to use reflected light whilst retaining the translucent, vitreous quality that is unique to glass. For the rest of this collection he has combined both transparent and opaque glass to enhance the colours and shape of each piece. The firing process embodies the variations of chance, making each piece individual. and the whole process exciting.

'Flair and Vision'is among the Evening Standard's five things to see for February.