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Spring has definitely Sprung

The gallery has opened its doors on a wonderful exhibition.  The private view on Saturday was very busy with all the artists being well received and lots of lovely things were being snapped up.  Jeff Wood and Richard Tilbury's glass is looking dazzling in the sunlight and here's hoping this is the start to a long hot summer. This is a strong group of wonderful talent and there are many unique pieces to be had.  Pop in soon and say hello.

Getting Ready

This is change-over week for Artisan.  I always find this exciting as the gallery undergoes a change and the reveal is always fun.  This month the group includes new artists as well as returning ones.  Don't miss it.  Opens next Wednesday 17th April.

What a lazy blogger

Oh dear, I have just looked after the date of my last blog.  What can I say except that I am a lazy blogger.  Well I can report that Artisan's 2012 season was a successful one and ended on a high with a very exciting Christmas pop-up.

2013 got off to a stunning start with Sabi Westoby's exhibition 'Stitched'.  Both her 2-D wall art and her 3-D work did extremely well and Sabi will make another appearance with her quilts at the April pop-up 'Spring has sprung'.  Here's hoping it will be warmer by then because sitting in Artisan in winter is bit like sitting in a fridge.  Thank goodness for my wonderful electric throw otherwise I maybe in danger of getting frostbite!!

The current show 'Focused' ends this Saturday so this is the last chance to see Lori Heiss's wonderful photographs.  There will be a short break next week for the changover to happen and then on the 17th of April the spring show will open with a wonderful group of local artists.  This will be a mixed media show and you will find the details about 'Spring has sprung' on the Future Events page. 

Beachcombing at artisan

I seem to be very lax at this blog business.  I do apologise.  Since the last blog way back when Adam Ritchie had his retrospective the gallery has gone from strength to strength.  The summer saw Donnington Primary School have their first art exhibition which raised over £250 for the school.  The work from the children was absolutely delightful and found an audience outside the school gates.  In August QPCS A level students showed their end of year work to huge acclaim.  This was a very strong group of young artists showing their 2-D and 3-D pieces.  Happy to report that a lot of the work sold to the general public and many people are looking forward to next years show.

Now its Autumn and 'Abstract meets Abstract', the first of the Autumn exhibitions has just closed to make way for the October event.  'Small Objects of Desire' is a group show with a beach theme.  The emphasis is on small and beautiful.  Although none of us really want to think about Christmas, it is on it's way and this show has that event in mind.  This is an opportunity to get ahead of the game with lovely and exciting gift ideas, all designed to be affordable in these tough times.  Its a 'must see' so hope to people will find the time to come and beach-comb on the shores of NW10.

artisan has a big time hit

Adam Ritchies 'Flashback' is attracting the fans of Pink Floyd and Velvet Underground in a big way.  A wet sunday afternoon saw the gallery's website get over 1,000 hits.  This is the most hits the website has received in one day.  Maybe a wet sunday afternoon is to be thanked.  'Absolutely Notting Hill' magazine comes out this week with an article on Adam and the exhibition.  Show opens on Friday.

Flair and Vision get the attention of the press.

It has been great to get the new year off to a good start.  Both the Evening Standard and Black & White Photography Magazine featured the gallery this February.  Kate Baxter has sold out and now working to commission.  I am hoping for some more Becky Jugs later this week.  The show has been met with praise and admiration for the quality and craftsmenship of the work.  Apart from the gallery being colder than my fridge its great to see people come in and respond so well to the work. The show is only on until the 3rd March. 
Re-open 9th March with a one-man show of retrospective photos by Adam Ritchie.  This is Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd in their first gigs they played in New York and London.  Some of these images have never been seen before.

The Xmas pop-up returns

The Xmas pop-up opens this Thursday 8th December.  Here's hoping it doesn't snow like last year.  The gallery got a name check in the Evening Standard's Home & Property pages last Wednesday.  Their design ideas for Christmas put Artisan at No.2.  This year there is a wonderful group of local artists offering brilliant gift ideas for everyone. 

Don't you (forget about me)!

What a night!  Gallery full of people.  The photographs look amazing and everyone loved Chris's snapshot of the 80s.  It certainly brought back memories for many of a simply crazy time in their lives.  .  Will post some images shortly on the website of the night.   Show runs now until the 6th August.  Don't miss it.

Its been over a year since I last blogged.  Mainly because I thought no one was logging on.  How wrong.  So this month sees the new blog update.  Chris Duffy is in the gallery with his snapshot of the 80s.  Private view this Saturday and Adam Ant is going to put in an appearance and hopefully sign some prints.  Thank you Adam.  And all you ladies out there of a certain age I hope you behave yourselves.

Taking a 'Journey'

Opened today with a new exhibition.  'JOURNEY'.  the exhibition includes an installation, 'travel writing' and wall hangings by Margaret Cooter and beautiful black and white photos by Tony Wallis.  Its all very monochrome and lovely.  There is something lyrical about Margaret's boats which she has suspended on thread and they just float and move about in the air.  Tony's lovely images sit well beside them.  Looking forward to seeing what reaction they will get over the next month.

Last chance to see

'Streets Ahead' will close next Saturday 29 May.  The work is being received well and is also selling well.  When the sun shines Richard Tilbury's class dazzles with colour.  Do not be disappointed come and see it this week.  In June Artisan goes on a 'Journey' with Tony Wallis and Margaret Cooter.

Another successful private view

Saturday was a cold windy night but it didn't stop people coming out and enjoying good company and a glass of wine while viewing the new exhibition.  I am happy to say all the artists taking part received huge praise and admiration and yes there where some sales!!  Even better. 

Exhibition Opens

Wednesday saw Artisan open its doors to 6 local artists.  There has already been to enthusiastic reception to the wonderful work that is being shown.  Lots of people popped in onto and back from the polling stations.  The sun shone most of the day making Richard Tilbury's glass zing with colour and drawing people to the windows to see the work.  Here's hoping the sun will continue to shine for the rest of May.

Streets Ahead

Artisan is getting ready to welcome its next group of 6 artists.  They are installing their work this weekend ready for opening on Wednesday.  There is a vibrancy about all their work which is exciting.  The three jewellers have very different and distinct styles, Brigitte Arnold using natural stones,  Annabel Dane-Liebesny glass and Fiona Bailey with fabric resulting in three very individual collections.  Phil Baines puts typography on the wall, John Thorogood a series of paintings and Richard Tilbury's wonderful glass all combine to fill the gallery with colour.

Got tagged!

Monday night saw the taggers out and the gallery got tagged!  I have only one thing to say.  If you are going to tag an art gallery at least do it artistically!!

Pigeons getting ready to fly the coop

Darwin's Pigeons get ready to fly.  Exhibition closes this Saturday.  Its been great having the birds and people have really taken to them.  On the private view night we were privileged to have Roland Keynes among the guests.  Roland being the great great Grandson of Darwin was very interested in the exhibition.  It was lovely to meet him. 

I have half been expecting an accident outside the shop as so many people slow down when they see the large posters.  I have to say its mainly men which leads me to wonder, whats with men and pigeons anyway!!  Also it has been fun meeting yet more of the neighbourhood and now I have a little group of people who have never been inside but always wave to me.  Its very sweet.

There is a lovely young woman who pops in occasionally to show me her Bible!!  I always say how lovely it is and she leaves!!  I have had people looking for the Organic Shop and not realise they are standing in it!!  Very funny.

The gallery will be hosting the Neighbourhood Watch meeting for Parkfield Road on the 19 April.  It should be fun as everyone will have to bring their own chair!  Its nice to the have the space used for a community event.

The next exhibition is a group show by 6 local artists so this should provide something for everyone.  I have been delighted to discover just how much talent is literary on the doorstep.  Four of the next artists live in Kings Road so can't get closer than that. 

The Pigeon has landed

This week saw artisan opened with a solo exhibition by Richard Bailey.  His photographs of Darwins Pigeons are causing quite a stir and its possible they may cause an accident on Harlesden Road!!  The large prints in the window have motorists slowing down and in some cases even stopping in the middle of the road.  All I can say its best to park the car and come and have a look as these are no ordinary pigeons.

Thank you all but whats next?

The current exhibition ended on Saturday and I want to thank you all  for your patronage.  Everyone sold well and it was great to see how well the work was received.  Martin amused us with his images, Richards porcelain was just wonderful and everyone wanted it.  Kate's Beaky Jugs proved irrestible and I was left with only two!  Sarah's glass and jewellery also found its admirers.

But whats next?  Well the pigeon has landed!  The shop front is now sporting a wonderful poster announcing the next exhibition.  A one-man show of photographs by Richard Bailey.  Amazing photographs of extraordinary pigeons, it has to be seen.  Opening 17 March 2010.  All the details are on the website.

Exhibition opens

Had private view on Saturday, great evening, everyone sold something which is fab.  The gallery opens tomorrow to the public just in time for the snow to return.  Looking forward to having the shop open again but not looking forward to sitting in freezing conditions.  Will invest in a couple more heaters before I open.  Brent magazine is doing an article on the shop and its history for its next issue.  The signwriter finally came so now the shop finally has its name up and the balls on top have been painted gold.  It looks great especially when the suns shines.

New year new exhibition

The 6th February sees the opening of a new exhibition, the first this year.  The new exhibition features photographer Martin Wilson, ceramicists Richard and Kate Baxter and jeweller and glass artist Sarah Cowley.  All are exciting talent doing unique and inspirational work.

I am hoping the weather warms up as the gallery is like a freezer at the moment as there is so much glass.  I am going to look like the Michelian man in thermals just to keep warm.  It will be nice to open again and re meet all those who came in before Xmas.  I am hoping to post a calendar of events soon so everyone will know when exhibitions are happening and wont be confused with the gallery being open then closed again.  Still waiting for the signwriter to turn up!

Last day tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the final day of the current exhibition.  It has been a wonderful experience, everyone has sold something and the comments have been very encouraging.  I have to do something about the heating because on Tuesday I was so close to the heater I nearly set fire to myself trying to get warm.  I wore my coat and gloves all day!  I love that people wave to me as they pass now and I am beginning to recognise the eccentrics among them! The signwriter did a no-show so the shop still hasn't got its name which is very irritating but will sort all that in the New Year when it re-opens with a brand new exhibition.

The madness that is Xmas is upon us so I can only say its just another day really, so I wish you all that it is a good one.  Thank you for the support and look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year for the exhibition of Martin Wilson and friends.

Last week of current exhibition.

This is the last week of the very first exhibition.  Already there are two comissions for pieces by Simone and Jeff.  So  the week is looking promising.  Have a local artist of unknowm nationality showing me his work as he passes back and forth to college, but doesn't come in.  Its like a movie!  More people have popped in to say hello.  Weather permitting the signwriters will arrive tomorrow.

Another interesting week

Still meeting the neighbours, much quieter week, but still people popping in to check it out.  Will close exhibition next saturday as Simone is off to Brazil and is taking her lovely jewellery with her.  Trev is nearly finished painting the shop and the signwriters are due in on Wednesday to put the name on it.  It will be good to see it completed.. 

A successful start

Last week was a wonderful start to the gallery with something being sold each day.  Plus all the positive comments made by all who visited artisan.  Priority now is to get the shop painted and signwritten but thats weather premitting and if you are looking out the window at the moment its not looking good.  Finger's crossed the shop continues to attract customers.

A dream come true.

For years while I did my art courses at Wornington I dreamed of having a small shop that could be my workshop and gallery and now its a reality.  Yesterday I opened artisan at 80 Harlesden Road NW10.  Meeting the neighbours has been the most entertaining.  For months they have been asking my builder what was it going to be, only to be told he didn't know! So now I am meeting more and more people as they come to check me out and see just what it is I am selling.  What is even nicer they have all wished me well and some have even brought pieces. I have also indentified a few who will be regular drop-ins but only for a chat.  But thats ok too.

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